A Seller's Market of Discerning Buyers

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Home Improvement

If you own a home, the current market is, truly an extraordinary opportunity. With current inventory low, the demand and aggression of home Buyers is at an all-time high. However, that does not mean Buyers will purchase "just, any home". Todays Buyers are more educated and discerning when it comes to the type of home and its condition. There are expectations from Buyers on the type of product they are willing to purchase. 

If you are not sure if your home is ready to Sell, select a Realtor that has knowledge and experience in design, home improvement and staging. Partnering with a real estate agent that has a passion for these items, will be a true asset when it comes to presenting your home in the best light.

Remember, your home is your environment and all people are different. Preparing to sell your home, may require you take certain parameters or designer choices into consideration. This is where consulting with a skilled Realtor makes all the difference. Something as simple, and easy, as a paint color could determine wether you receive 3 offers…or 20 offers, when selling your home.


A simple tile project for your bathroom could be the difference of an extra $3,000-$10,000 (or more) on your selling price. 


Some brokerages are now offering to help home Sellers renovate and prepare their home before the home is listed. Programs such as "RealVitalize", offered by Ryan Lephart | Homes For Sale Columbus and Coldwell Banker Realty, allows prospective Sellers to prioritize the renovations and improvement projects with licensed contractors in a professional and timely manner. Once the home sale is completed, the invoices are reconciled at closing with no added cost or mark-up to the Seller. Programs such as "RealVitalize" are a game changer for home owners that are looking to sell, but do not know what steps to take in order to achieve their goal.