"For Sale By Owner" Triumph…in Just 3 Days

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When homeowners opt for the "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) route, they're often driven by the desire to save on commission fees or to manage the sales process on their own terms. But sometimes, the FSBO journey can become overwhelming. Enter Ryan Lephart, a seasoned real estate agent with Homes For Sale Columbus.

This is the story of how Ryan flipped the FSBO script for the home at 264 Briarbend Blvd in Powell, OH, turning a stagnating property listing into a triumphant sale over the asking price, all in just three days.

The Backstory

Like many homeowners, the owners of 264 Briarbend Blvd tried to sell their home by themselves. Weeks turned into months, with little interest and fewer offers. This is a common scenario many FSBO homeowners face. However, Ryan Lephart recognized the potential of the home and knew that with the right strategies, this Powell gem could quickly find a new owner.

The Approach

Ryan began by conducting a detailed market analysis. Powell, OH, is a sought-after location, but to sell a home quickly and over the asking price requires a deep understanding of market dynamics.

  • Picture of Success: First impressions matter. Ryan brought in a professional stager and photographer to emphasize the home's unique features, making it irresistible to potential buyers.
  • High-Quality Visuals: In today’s digital age, online listings drive sales. Ryan ensured high-resolution photos and a captivating video tour were produced, showcasing the best of 264 Briarbend Blvd.
  • Strategic Pricing: With extensive research, Ryan identified the optimal listing price—a balance between Powell's market trends and the home's intrinsic value.

Marketing Mastery

Leveraging Homes For Sale Columbus' vast network, Ryan maximized exposure:

  • Social Media Blasts: Targeted posts reached potential buyers in and around Powell.
  • Local Realtor Networks: By notifying other agents, a buzz was created in the realtor community.
  • Open House Strategy: Ryan organized a well-publicized open house, drawing a significant number of potential buyers.

The Result

The result of this intensive effort? Within three days, multiple offers were on the table. The final sale price? Above the asking price! The homeowner was ecstatic. Their FSBO struggle transformed into a success story, all thanks to Ryan Lephart's expertise.

The Takeaway

This success story emphasizes the value of partnering with a knowledgeable real estate agent, especially when the FSBO approach doesn’t yield the desired results. Ryan Lephart and the team at Homes For Sale Columbus combine market insight, proven strategies, and a commitment to client success.

If you or someone you know is embarking on the For Sale By Owner journey, remember the story of 264 Briarbend Blvd. Sometimes, all it takes is the right expertise to turn challenges into opportunities.






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